• V as in Victor

    A celebration of Latinos and sports

    Bill Vourvoulias grew up in Guatemala rooting for the Detroit Tigers and he worked for The New Yorker, Newsweek, Radar, Interview, and ESPN. His cares about big matches and stats while exploring how the games and athletes we love connect us to history, identity, family, and culture.

  • Weekend Companion

    Five in-depth pieces that deserve your undivided attention

    The Awl: Weekend Companion delivers a just-big-enough — but not overwhelming! — bundle of diverse, delightful weekend reading. From the stern and the solemn to the quite unserious and even utterly ludicrous.

  • Maura Magazine

    A journal with a populist approach to pop culture

    In-depth interviews plus incisive commentary on music, movies, sports, food, the internet. Maura isn’t out to cheerlead, but it won’t blindly tear things down. Edited by Maura Johnston.

  • One Story

    A literary magazine that contains, simply, one story

    Short stories are best read alone, not sandwiched between a review and an exposé on botox. Subscribers get a new issue of One Story approximately every three weeks. Each issue will introduce you to a new voice in contemporary short fiction.

  • Little Star Weekly

    Fresh poetry and prose for your portable reading pleasure

    Fresh fiction, verse, serials, plays, and more from the editor of the cosmopolitan annual literary journal Little Star, Ann Kjellberg.

  • One Teen Story

    For young adult readers of every age

    Each issue will feature one amazing short story about the teen experience by established and emerging writers, including Gayle Forman, Francesca Lia Block, and Matt de la Pena. The May issue will feature a story written by a teenager.

  • Christ and Pop Culture

    Discerning what is good, beautiful, and true

    Written by and for Christians whose primary concern is Scripture’s truth and meaning, Christ and Pop Culture is accessible to the hardcore fundamentalist as well as the militant atheist. Every issue has six or seven articles plus recommendations of movies, music, and games.

  • The Classical

    Baseball and football, fighting, and wife-carrying

    The Classical does not tell you who won the game, who is going to win, or why. It is a conversation about sports, and any corner of life that sports illuminates (or illuminates sports, for that matter). Basically anything resembling athletic endeavor is our beat, big or small, high or low, always independent.

  • Poetry

    The oldest monthly devoted to verse in the English-speaking world

    Founded in 1912, Poetry magazine presents new work by the most recognized poets while keeping its commitment to discovering new voices. Poetry is also known for its annual translation issue, Q&As, book reviews, essays, notebooks, and a column about poetry by artists and professionals from outside the poetry world.

  • Bike Hugger magazine

    A monthly about bicycle culture

    Blogging bike culture since 2007, Bike Hugger now takes a longform look at cycling from the enthusiast’s perspective. Expect the same distinctive voice, ad-free, with more length and a nice touchscreen interface.

  • ProPublica: The Magazine

    Spurring change by shining a sustained spotlight on wrongdoing

    A free monthly selection of deep-dive investigations, short reads, and data-driven interactives that shine a sustained spotlight on wrongdoing and hold leaders of government, business and other institutions accountable. Now is your chance to get ProPublica’s work to read uninterrupted and on your own schedule.

  • Serious Eats Magazine

    A collection of the best food features and recipes on the web

    Each issue of the Serious Eats Magazine focuses on a central theme, from grilling to noodles to travels afield. It’s a one-stop shop of our best stories, recipes, and more, from the most passionate, discerning, and inclusive food enthusiasts online today.

  • 1/100

    Photographs paired with 100-word stories.

    Michele Catalano started writing 100-word stories as a daily writing exercise, then combined her love of digital photography processing with her love of flash fiction to create 1/100, a magazine of stories paired with photographs.

  • The Weekly Rumpus

    Focuses on culture not covered in the mainstream.

    In The Weekly Rumpus you’ll get essays, reviews, interviews, advice, music, film, poetry, and some kick-ass comics, delivered in an attractive, easy-to-read format that you can download and read in the bathroom, on the porch, or on the train.

  • Recommended Reading

    Ensuring literary fiction remains a vibrant part of popular culture.

    Great authors inspire us. But what about the stories that inspire them? Recommended Reading, a magazine by Electric Literature, publishes one story a week, each chosen by today’s best authors or editors.

  • Emily Books Reader

    Welcome to a revolutionary new kind of book club.

    Best friends Ruth Curry and Emily Gould seek out the very best in transgressive memoir and fiction. Get a different full book each month, alongside intimate author Q&As, essays, excerpts, art, and other exclusive extras. You’ll never be without your next great read.

  • Harper’s Magazine

    The oldest general-interest monthly in America.

    Harper’s explores the issues that drive our national conversation, through long-form narrative journalism and essays, and such celebrated features as the iconic Harper’s Index. With its emphasis on fine writing and original thought, Harper’s provides readers with a unique perspective on politics, society, the environment, and culture.

  • Feast by Lukas

    Host the perfect party.

    Feast by Lukas is a digital food quarterly written and photographed by Lukas Volger. Each issue presents readers with a seasonal vegetarian feast—starters, sides, mains, cocktails, desserts, and more—as well as lush photography and an introductory essay.

  • Next City: Forefront

    Connecting cities and informing the people working to improve them.

    Forefront delivers high-quality journalism with a new story published every Monday morning. Once a month, sponsors will make Forefront content free for everyone to read.

  • Exact Change

    A monthly multimedia e-zine from Damon & Naomi.

    Damon Krukowski and Naomi Yang, of Exact Change books and the bands Damon & Naomi and Galaxie 500, reimagine what’s missing from online media: notes, prefaces, wall texts, flap copy, annotations, dedications, inner sleeves...

  • Scratch

    Writing + money + life.

    Scratch is a quarterly magazine on writing, money, and life, co-edited by digital publishing expert Jane Friedman and freelancer Manjula Martin, creator of Who Pays Writers. Each issue features in-depth features, interviews, and personal stories about the economics of being a writer.

  • Chronicles

    Speaking truth to power since 1977

    On the cutting edge of political, cultural, and economic issues, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture is America’s premier conservative journal. From the heart of Middle America—Rockford, Illinois—Chronicles takes you on a monthly journey through the best that American culture has to offer. Each issue contains the entire text of our 52-page print edition—an average of 20 or more articles.

  • Tales To Go

    Travel the world through real stories, written by people who’ve been there.

    Tales To Go by Travelers’ Tales delivers four inspiring, transformative travel stories every month, just the way you like to read them: no ads, no flash, no fluff. Travelers’ Tales has been publishing the best narrative travel writing since 1993, and now they’re mobile. Take them with you!

  • n+1 Magazine

    New fiction, essays, and reviews with an emphasis on describing the present.

    n+1 is a print and digital magazine of literature, culture, and politics published three times yearly. Founded in New York, in 2004. n+1 Magazine collects the print magazine, some of n+1’s best online-only content, and material from their archives in issues released every other month.

  • Bright Wall/Dark Room

    A different lens on films.

    A monthly film magazine with a unique perspective, offering 8-10 medium-length articles and essays each and every month (as well as the occasional poem or short humor piece) on a wide variety of films and film-related topics. Generally aimed at film lovers, fans of non-fiction essay writing, and curious folks looking for a different way to interact with movies and culture.

  • Le Sauce

    Original recipes, delicious meals, stories about food.

    Le Sauce is a magazine that addresses your cravings for crazy-good food, long dinners with friends, and quests to recreate that epic crab curry you had on vacation. The recipes work, the stories are personal, and the meals are pretty damn indulgent even though many are meat-free—which you might not notice unless you care about that sort of thing.

  • London Review of Books

    Don’t ever be without the LRB.

    The London Review of Books is the largest cultural literary magazine in Europe and has an unparalleled international reputation for long form literary journalism.

  • Jewish Currents

    A radical Jewish perspective on the world.

    Jewish Currents is like a bowl of chicken soup, with a half-dozen full-sized matzo-ball articles, plus all kinds of tasty goodies from JEWDAYO, a daily email blast of progressive Jewish history and culture. For 68 years, Jewish Currents has been home to rebels and dissidents, activists and artists, and just-plain concerned folks who want to help spin the world in new directions.

  • BOMB Weekly

    Publishing conversations between artists of all disciplines since 1981.

    BOMB Weekly features the best of BOMB’s daily online publication and highlights from its extensive archive, including interviews, essays, artist portfolios, short fiction, and poetry.

  • Little White Lies Weekly

    All the latest movies reviewed every week.

    Get the latest movie reviews — plus exclusive features and interviews — from Little White Lies, an award-winning independent magazine dedicated to bringing you closer to the movies you love.

  • Aperture Photography

    Enliven your journey through the world of photography.

    Aperture is a not-for-profit foundation, connecting the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other—in print, in person, and online. Download now to gain access to the photographers, publications, and latest happenings at one of the world’s leading photography organizations, all in one accessible digest.

  • Pixel Fable

    An illustrated collection of African children’s fables.

    Pixel Fable brings you fantastic tales of witches and demons, magicians and hunters, and even talking animals, such as cunning ants and magical fish. With a new illustrated story every month, you will join these unique characters on their unexpected journeys, whether that be a mission into space or an adventure on the deep seas. Each of these beautiful African stories contains a thoughtful social message about modern culture and society.